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    Financial Industry

    Financial Industry

    Private banking, financial wealth, pass century
    Financial services is far-Group new strategic business unit, to ensure manufacturing, real estate industry leader, while actively developing the financial industry.
    After the beam Group was established, the first private bank actively organizing Qingyuan, extensive financial set social capital, reasonable integration of resources, and actively explore effective models of financial sector development and its convergence with other industries, the financial industry to make full use of external resources, effective uptake and effective allocation of resources within the group function, boosting the Group's far light industry to achieve rapid development for the social and economic development and make greater contributions to Qingyuan.

    Private Banks
    In October 2013, and by the Qingyuan Municipal People's Government of Qingyuan City Finance Office recommended by the Guangdong far Optical Cable Industry Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor United Qingyuan strength and has extensive influence of ten industrial enterprises, apply for the preparation of private banks.
    Establishment of private banks will become an effective way to make full use of private capital, and promote private investment. Especially for the implementation of the party's 18 put forward the spirit of "speed up the development of private financial institution" has practical significance.

    Services for SMEs, integration of private capital
    The main features of private banks, namely privatization capital, market-based mechanisms and modern management, will facilitate services for SMEs, in particular by providing financial services for scientific and technological innovative SMEs. Will greatly enhance the ability of financial services to SMEs in the region, enhance regional scientific and technological innovation and to promote local economic transformation and contribute to the development; will also play an important role in guiding the private capital investment, improve the operational efficiency of local financial system.