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    Real estate

    Real estate

    Constant real estate for a living, build a dream
    Real estate development and management as the second largest group of core beam leading industry, the development of scale, product type, quality brand in Qingyuan region are in a leading position.

    Constant real estate, the founder of Boutique Habitat
    Guangdong Heng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in June 2007, is set in real estate development, management, sales and property management and one of the real estate development company, the company can develop soil area of nearly 2 acres. Guangdong Heng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. adhering to the "quality, integrity, service," the core concept and "forge ahead, pioneering and innovative" business principles, based in Guangdong Province, the second and third tier cities, to develop high-end boutique residential.

    Constant · park land, Qingyuan Habitat quality benchmark

    Constant estate pioneer for "The constant · park land", located in the central city area and fresh, the total construction area of 600,000 square meters. From the high-rise residential style commercial street, 100,000 square meters of integrated commercial body composition, supporting international property consultants, apartments, kindergartens and other amenities English, Qingyuan City, a large residential community.