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    Wire and cable, polymer material constituting the main business beam Group manufacturing sector, the manufacturing sector is far from the light of the first large core group leading industries. Beam Group manufacturing clusters for scientific and technological innovation as the basis, in the respective business units implement a set of "R & D, production, marketing services and product marketing" and other elements as one of the industry, technology and markets, "wheel drive mode" achieve the sustainable development of enterprises.

    Guangdong far Optical Cable Industries Limited, a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cable
    As a cornerstone of the beam Group started far light cable is not only the national contract Shou-credit enterprises, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government finds three consecutive hundred private enterprises in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province train service focus enterprise (2013-2015), or Vice President of China SME Association unit. The company is also in his capacity as the National Standardization Technical Committee member units involved in the development or revision of national standards 12 wires.
    In the production and sale of cable products, optical cable has been far ahead in the industry, involving medium and low voltage power cables, overhead insulated power cables, control cables, and other eight series of hundreds of models over three thousand specifications of wire and cable products. Wherein, 500kV ~ 1000kV extra and ultra high voltage transmission line conductors R & D and manufacturing in the domestic leading level.
    As far optical cable's core products, "light" brand products for seven consecutive years was named "Guangdong Famous Brand."  "Light" brand products by the National Grid, China Southern Power Grid key construction projects are widely used and exported to more than forty countries and regions in the world.
    In the future, the distant light cable will make persistent efforts, relying on technological innovation and strict scientific management, and strive to build sets in Guangdong extra and ultra high voltage transmission lines with new conductors modern manufacturing industry cluster. Toward the construction of more large-scale, group-oriented modern enterprise solid step for the social and economic development and make greater contribution.

    Guangdong Yuanguang special wire Ltd.
    The total investment of 300 million yuan, with the five provinces of China Southern Power Grid maximum 60,000 tons of special overhead transmission wire production base, mainly for national extra and ultra high voltage transmission lines to provide large cross-section, high conductivity Capacity expansion of transmission lines and various wires. 2014 for the development of the national grid by 1250 Series lead all national identification, including technical content of the highest 3-type wire products, "the domestic advanced level" evaluation.

    Guangdong far-polymer materials Ltd.
    The total investment of 110 million yuan, is the development and production of environmentally friendly wire and cable insulation and jacketing material with polymer-based manufacturing. Development of halogen polyolefin cable materials, fire-retardant PVC cable is widely used in the cable industry.