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    Development path

    Development path

    1.1988 In June 2009, Qingyuan City, far-cable factory was officially established.

    2.1998 October high beam cable products passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

    3.1999 In September 2009, the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office issued a "light" brand trademark registration number to obtain a trademark registration No. 1,311,252.

    4.2001 June high beam cable factory in Qingyuan City was officially renamed as: Guangdong far Optical Cable Industries Limited.

    5.2002 in June, Ltd. was established in Dongguan brilliant real estate leasing.

    6.2006 May, the far-cable was named "hundred private enterprises in Guangdong Province."

    7.2007 In June 2009, the Guangdong Heng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. established the first development project - Constant park land garden marking the beam Group diversified development strategy began to be implemented in the real estate sector.

    8.2008 in November cleared much light Power Engineering Co., Ltd. established with (repair, test) power facilities five, urban and road lighting engineering contractor Sanji professional qualifications, achieve wire and cable product development, production, install integration.

    9.2010 January when he was the CPC Central Committee, the Guangdong provincial party secretary Wang Yang, Guangdong far Optical Cable Industry Co., Ltd. visit, encouraged far-company "Guangdong far-company wants to technological innovation as the driving force, the rational allocation of resources, expand the operation scale, to diversify the Group of direction! "

    10.2010 November Paramount fresh green, Ltd. was established.

    11.2011 July Qingyuan Tomita Investment Co., Ltd. established.

    12.2013 in October and by the Qingyuan Qingyuan Municipal People's Government Finance Office recommended by the Guangdong far Optical Cable Industry Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor United Qingyuan strength and has extensive influence of ten industrial enterprises, apply to build Qingyuan City's first private bank, "Bank of Qingyuan Beijiang build plan" by the Qingyuan City Finance Office reported to the Provincial Finance Office, made a preliminary filing.

    13.2014 January beam cable won the "Guangdong through train service enterprises," (2013--2015).

    14.2014 In September 2009, Guangdong Investment Holdings Limited was established beam.

    15.2014 October Guangdong far-polymer materials, Ltd. was established.

    16.2014 in November in Guangdong Yuanguang special wire Ltd. was established.

    17.2014 In December 2009, through the integration of Guangdong far-Cable Co., Ltd., Guangdong Heng Real Estate Development Co., Qingyuan Tomita Investment Co., Ltd., Dongguan brilliant real estate leasing, Guangdong Yuanguang special wire Ltd., Guangdong high beam Molecular Materials Co., Ltd., Guangdong Heng Property Management Ltd., clearing much light power stationCheng Co., Ltd. and other economic entities, based on the establishment of the Guangdong far-Investment Group Limited.

    18. January 1, 2015, the high beam Group was formally established, the business scope of the Group include the wire and cable manufacturing, premisesProduction, finance and public welfare.