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    Group Overview

    Group Overview

    Beam Group in January 1, 2015 inception, the Group's total assets of 3.3 billion yuan, the group adhere to the manufacturing, real estate, investment, finance and public multiple simultaneous, multi-wheel drive for the development of a "heart Zhiyuan, light unbounded" command thinking, adhere to the "integrity, quality, tradition and innovation," the core values and adhere to the diversified, international development strategy, strive to become the world's high-quality cable manufacturer and supplier, multi-industry group leader, and "brilliant shine in the world, let Better Life "corporate vision.

    Beam Group is currently the main enterprises in Guangdong's far-Cable Co., Ltd., Guangdong Heng Real Estate Development Co., Qingyuan Tomita Investment Co., Ltd., Dongguan brilliant real estate leasing, Guangdong Yuanguang special wire Ltd., Guangdong far-Polymer Material Co., Ltd., Guangdong Heng Property Management Ltd., Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Qing much light and other economic entities. Currently, the Group is actively organizing beam Qingyuan's first private bank - North River Bank. To make public charity standardization and embarked on the road of sustainable development, the Group is to declare the establishment of far-away light Charitable Foundation, through the operation of the Foundation, to promote far-enthusiastic charity, bravely assumed the spirit of social responsibility.


    Beam Group slogan: heart Zhiyuan light unbounded
    Beam Group Location: worldwide manufacturer of high-quality cable multi-industry group leader
    Beam Group values: integrity quality inheritance and innovation
    Beam Group Vision: brilliant shine in the world to make life better