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    Group News

    Beam cable repair service in recognition of the work by the Guangdong power grid Typhoon "Rainbow"


    Oct. 22, earlier this month in Guangdong power grid to grid typhoon "Rainbow" outstanding contributions repair Optical Cable Co., Ltd. Guangdong far held a recognition ceremony. Guangdong far-Cable Co., Ltd. is the recognition by the Guangdong power grid of the only cable companies. Deputy director of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Tang Huimin logistics service center, customer service Feng Haidong Minister, warehousing and distribution unit 何勁韜, general manager Zhong beam cable companies the right to water and chief engineer Jiang Lusi attended the event.

    Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Tang Huimin, deputy director of logistics center for the far-cable company commendation flag, and handed him a letter of thanks. She honestly said that he was feeling Xie Yuanguang cable company in the "Rainbow" Typhoon repair work in the great assistance. "Rainbow" Guangdong Zhanjiang caused tremendous property and economic losses, which affect the grid is serious, cumulative tripping line of 247, 74 substations loss of pressure, the loss of more than 26 million kwh of electricity, affect the amount of electricity users More than 1.8 million. In the maintenance of the repair work, the far-cable company shipments accounted for 85% of total service, it is the largest supplier of cable manufacturers.

    Tang Huimin, deputy director visited the distant light cable company's showrooms and manufacturing plant. During the visit, Deputy Director Tanghuimin carefully fine inquired about the case of the production process the company developed new products 1250 series wire and other products, Jiang Lusi total work performance of the product of the process were explained in detail.

    Optical Cable far as the national grid company, Southern Power Grid Company of quality suppliers, has been socially responsible. Whether in peacetime or in front of public service activities of major natural disasters, people are walking beam in front of the rescue and charity. Especially in 2008, the fight against snow disaster, the people courageously rushed beam, the first time into the disaster areas to help the disaster areas to repair power grab. In this anti-ice rush repair electrical great battle, "light" brand wire and cable, ACSR and other relief materials shipments ranked first, to restore power promptly made a significant contribution to the disaster area, get the China Southern Power Grid EHV transmission company awards.