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    Group News

    Qingyuan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ge Changwei beam 60,000 tons of special research overhead wires production base


    July 7 afternoon, Qingyuan Municipal Party Committee Ge Changwei secretary and city leaders Ambrose ball, Wen Zhan Bin, Li congruent line to Guangdong far-Cable Co., Ltd. research to understand the production and operation and the Company's capital expansion project situation, and to beam 60,000 tons of special overhead wires production base workshop site visits.

    In the research process, beam Group Caizhong Guang, chairman of the 60,000 tons of special construction of overhead transmission conductor production made a report. Ge Shuji fully affirmed the far-cable science and technology innovation, and actively capital expansion and positive contribution to the economic development of Qingyuan made. At the same time, we actively encourage energy conservation, continue to enhance market competitiveness。
    In the research study, the Ge Shuji asked me kind of key projects in advance and capital expansion needs to coordinate and solve problems., And said that more departments at all levels should vigorously support the development of enterprises in the current economic situation。

    (Planning Department)