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    Group News

    "Made in China 2025" and the Guangdong manufacturing transformation and upgrading courses into the distant light


    July 23 afternoon, SME Bureau of Guangdong Province, Qingyuan City Economic and Information Bureau as a guide unit, the Guangdong Provincial SME Development Association, SME associations Qingyuan, Qingyuan City SME Service Center jointly sponsored the "Made in China 2025 "and the Guangdong manufacturing transformation and upgrading of trainees who line, visit the Guangdong far optical Cable Industry Co., study and exchange management experience. In the ensuing discussion, far-cable technology chief engineer Jiang Lusi highlighted the "60,000 tons of special overhead transmission wire production base construction projects."

    The project is in Qingyuan City key construction projects in 2014, by the far south of the optical cable in accordance with national implementation strategies need to invest 150 million yuan from West to East construction, the project covers a total area of 150 acres, the planning and construction sites ninety thousand square meters, it is the largest super UHV transmission lines with a wire manufacturer.

    Subsequently, the students visited the exhibition hall beam cable and heard Jiang, vice president of introduction before Lusi beam cable products, product innovation, business management and other aspects of experience introduction.

    With the rise of the Internet economy, traditional manufacturing business model is also undergoing change, more and more enterprises in exploring how to leverage the Internet to form their own business model. A hot topic nowadays "Made in China 2025", is the implementation of the Programme of Action of the first decade of manufacturing power strategy.